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Page history last edited by Nathan Wisdom 9 years, 11 months ago



The Web shswisdom

Salem High School

3551 Underwood Road, Conyers, GA  30013


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Mathematics III Accelerated Pre-Calculus
Mathematics IVA Mathematics IVB
Coordinate Algebra   AP Statistics
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Comments (Show all 44)

Sebastian Merelo said

at 9:03 pm on Jan 21, 2010

(Answering Brijesh and Jamesia)... Go to file, Export, then go to "Graphics View as Picture," then save it so that you can upload it to this site

Nathan Wisdom said

at 11:53 pm on Jan 21, 2010

Create a page for each write-up, then link that page to your page.

kendra said

at 5:10 pm on Jan 23, 2010

mr. wisdom i have set up my account and everything but i dont know where to go from here

Nathan Wisdom said

at 7:33 pm on Jan 23, 2010

Start working on your write-ups. You will need to create a page for each of your write-ups.

Micah Dixon said

at 9:23 pm on Jan 23, 2010


Micah Dixon said

at 9:27 pm on Jan 23, 2010

when i create a page where do i save it to?

Micah Dixon said

at 10:02 pm on Jan 23, 2010

(Kendra) go to the top of the page where it says "create a page" and do an assignment, then post it to your page:)

Kiana said

at 12:51 pm on Jan 24, 2010

umm is there an alternative thing we can do instead of the write ups because im really lost

Kiana said

at 12:51 pm on Jan 24, 2010

o can i stay for tutorial so i can catch and you can help me

Nathan Wisdom said

at 2:18 pm on Jan 24, 2010

For this semester there are 18 tests and 18 write-ups. You can stay for tutorial and I will help you to get started.

Brijesh Patel said

at 5:22 pm on Jan 24, 2010

Mr.Wisdom, what days are tutorials?

Sebastian Merelo said

at 9:19 am on Jan 26, 2010

Brijesh, he has tutorials on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Josilyn Parker said

at 5:34 pm on Jan 26, 2010

ummm mr.wisdom how can i pull up this math grade before feb.9
my mom wanted to know also.

Nathan Wisdom said

at 6:07 pm on Jan 26, 2010

There are two ways to pull up your grade. (1) Performance on tests, and (2) Performance on write-ups.

Josilyn Parker said

at 6:29 pm on Jan 26, 2010

okayy,, but ummm can i stay after on thursday to maybe re-do test and get some extra help on these write ups && test??

Nathan Wisdom said

at 7:17 pm on Jan 26, 2010

Thursday we can work on your write-ups. Try to work on all your graded test to ensure that you master all the concepts and skills.

maud2426@... said

at 4:57 pm on Jan 27, 2010

Mr. Wisdom, is it okay if I just print the work out?

Sebastian Merelo said

at 10:27 am on Jan 28, 2010

If anyone has a question about things like geogebra and stuff on the wiki ask me.

Michael Gould said

at 5:54 pm on Jan 28, 2010

I'm having trouble doing number 3b for the painted cubes learning task. Can anyone explain cause i am very lost. If you can help me please post the comment on my page. i'm in period 3 group

Micah Dixon said

at 10:47 pm on Jan 28, 2010

Sebastian, where is the "performance on grade" and "Performance on Write-Ups" button at? Mr. Wisdom?

Brijesh Patel said

at 3:45 pm on Jan 29, 2010

Mr. Wisdom i dont know how to construct the triangle for number 15 on the first task.

Micah Dixon said

at 9:48 pm on Jan 30, 2010

Do I move on if Ive done Write Ups 1-4?

Nathan Wisdom said

at 2:54 pm on Jan 31, 2010


Lindsey (: said

at 8:31 pm on Jan 31, 2010

Maaan Mr Wisdom I have NO idea what I'm doing i have no idea where to go or nothing

Nathan Wisdom said

at 8:34 pm on Jan 31, 2010

Start working on your first write-up.

Courtney Stephens said

at 10:59 pm on Jan 31, 2010

Mr.Wisdom, I DO understand a portion of what I am doing but that portion happens to be very little =/ so I was wondering if I could stay for tutoring on Tuesay and hopefully get a better understanding of what I'm doing- I wasn't able to stay last turtorial due to not having a ride....is it okay for me to stay this week.?

Micah Dixon said

at 8:02 am on Feb 1, 2010

lindsey, go 2 the top and click on "create a page" and create ur 1st write-up... if u do not know what it is ovr, then type this link "http://shswisdom.pbworks.com/Math-Support-B" then click on the centers of triangles link and that is wat ur first write up is ovr...

Lorenzo McWilliams said

at 5:41 pm on Feb 1, 2010

hey mr wisdon...how do i send you the work from my geo gebra

Nathan Wisdom said

at 7:13 pm on Feb 1, 2010

go to file. export, graphics as picture (png), save the picture with your initials as part of the filename, then upload the picture.

Lorenzo McWilliams said

at 10:56 pm on Feb 1, 2010

thank you

Lorenzo McWilliams said

at 11:11 pm on Feb 1, 2010

mr. wisdom. when i tried to send you my 1st assignement and it said "error invalid sequence file name".

Nathan Wisdom said

at 7:09 pm on Feb 2, 2010

Copy your work, create a page, and paste your work on the page. Make sure you include your initials in your page name.

Lorenzo McWilliams said

at 8:12 pm on Feb 2, 2010

ok thanks...someone stole my notes from my binder today, is it possible for me to copy them again from your power point

thank you

Nathan Wisdom said

at 8:25 pm on Feb 2, 2010

Yes.Go to Math1A, then Geometry notes.

Lorenzo McWilliams said

at 9:26 pm on Feb 2, 2010

thank you mr wisdom

Lorenzo McWilliams said

at 9:27 pm on Feb 2, 2010

is it okay if i did all of my assignment free handed

Dominique Oubre said

at 12:49 am on Feb 4, 2010

aye mr wisdom are we going to be working on these write-ups all next week too

christian carroll said

at 11:13 am on Feb 5, 2010

i still dont know how to do write-ups. i was absent when you went over them

Brijesh Patel said

at 6:26 pm on Feb 5, 2010

Mr.Wisdom your wiki wont let me look at or edit my own write ups it says i dont have permission, but i can look at other peoples just fine.

Nathan Wisdom said

at 6:51 pm on Feb 5, 2010

Did you want to do more work on it? I locked that page.

You don't have permission to comment on this page.