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Teaching Resources

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 This page is a collection of Web Resources for Teachers. 


Victorian Essential Learning Standards


The Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) describe what is essential for Victorian students to achieve from Prep to Year 10. They provide a whole school curriculum planning framework that sets out learning standards for schools to use to plan their teaching and learning programs, including assessment and reporting of student achievement and progress.


NLVM Algebra Manipulatives


Virtual manipulatives related to the NCTM Algebra standard. 


Mathematical Research Letters


Mathematical Research Letters (MRL) is dedicated to rapid publication of short complete papers of original research in all areas of mathematics.




Information on Mathematics from Fact-index.com 

Math Manipulatives


Math Manipulatives contains resources that enable students to interact online and also calculator resources.



Critical Issue: Using Technology to Improve Student Achievement   


The AERA SIG Communication of Research


Links to electronic journals that are scholarly, peer-reviewed, full text and accessible without cost.


Web Resources for Teachers



Layered Curriculum 

Differentiated Instruction


Sites that help classroom teachers adjust their teaching process to their learners needs.



RTI help for teachers. 


The Writing Center at Harvard 

The Writing Center at Harvard University The Writing Center at Harvard University is perhaps the oldest formal writing center at an American university, and their complementary website presents a valuable trove of instructional handouts for writers young and old.

David Warlick's sources for Raw Data.



Theorems and Postulates for Geometry









Math for Teachers


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