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Tony woods learning task 4

Page history last edited by Jameswoods 13 years ago

1. a. p(o correct)=0.2373

b. p(1 correct)=0.0791

c. p(2 correct)=0.0263

d. p(3 correct)=0.0087

e. p(4 correct)=0.0029

f. p(5 correct)=0.0009



-.5  .5  1.5  2.5  3.5  4.5  5.5 
.2373  .3955  .4  .26  .014  .15 


3. at least one

4. not likely add 4+5

5. p( less than 3 correct)=0.8964

6. p(at least 3 correct)=0.10399

7. my score would be 30%

8. guess cause there is nothing to lose.

9. don't guess cause you need to answer and eliminate answer choices to get the questions right.

10. a. 60%

b. 70%

c. 80%

Comments (1)

Nathan Wisdom said

at 3:26 pm on Feb 15, 2011

Write-up level: 2

Mathematical Reasoning: Some evidence of mathematical reasoning.

Mathematical Concepts: Explanation shows some understanding of the mathematical concepts needed to solve the problem(s).

Mathematical Errors: Most (75-84%) of the steps and solutions have no mathematical errors.

Mathematical Terminology and Notation: Correct terminology and notation are used, but it is sometimes not easy to understand what was done.

Strategy/Procedures: Sometimes uses an effective strategy to solve problems, but does not do it consistently.


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